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Uncover Sales Shipment trends & Analytics with the new #AnalysisMode in #businesscentral

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Analysis Mode is a relatively new feature in Microsoft’s Business Central. I first heard of it in 2022, and during 2023 was heavily promoted at all conferences by its author, Kennie Pontoppidan, a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.

What does Analysis Mode do? – I asked

“Analysis mode is a feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows users to analyze and pivot data directly within the client. It provides an optimized experience for data analysis and can be enabled on list pages and query objects. When in analysis mode, the page layout changes to focus on data analysis, with actions hidden and the page becoming more interactive”.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of my customers and I was asked to develop a report that would provide sales shipments analytics for his company, quantities and amounts by customer, by periods, and by item.

I immediately thought of Analysis Mode and started to investigate it with the customer in the same call.

30 minutes later we had what he wanted. Have a look at my video to see what we did. And don’t forget to subscribe, there will be more short and easy how-tos coming in the near future!

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