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Software Engineer - owner


I worked in the last 20 years with Microsoft technologies, contributing to solid .NET applications in the financial industry and ERP.

Last 9 years I worked with Microsoft’s version of ERP for small businesses, also known as Business Central and its precursor Dynamics NAV.

I strive to stay current with the latest trends in the technology, in my field. When you launch on developing something new, build a proof of concept, tinker with a new Microsoft technology, the process is difficult. Fortunately, there are resources like mibuso, twitter #bcalhelp,, stackoverflow, yammer which have provided me with tremendous help since my first days with Dynamics NAV. My blog is an attempt to help those that, just like me, searched and borrowed solutions found online.

The sample code here and repositories are provided as-is. They have been working for me at the time of the blog posting and gladly share them with whoever needs them. Feel free to fix them if you find issues or modify them to work for you.

Cheers and happy coding!


(619) 930 - 7581​

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