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The provided environment name is already reserved. Please try using a different environment name.

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A lot of us, Business Central professionals, have noticed recent changes to the Business Central Admin Center.

The changes consist of a new action and a new section:

Since Friday I received 3 tickets from different customers asking about the errors received when, after they deleted a sandbox, they could not recreate a new one with the same name as the one deleted.

Environment names are important, various integrations rely on the naming…

This is the use case:

  1. I created for some time a sandbox Feb2023
  2. I clicked on it in the Environments blade, and deleted it.
  3. The environment, after going through the soft deleting sstate, appeared under Delete Environments:

4. Attempting to recreate the same named sandbox fails with the error:

“The provided environment name is already reserved. Please try using a different environment name.”


  • Go the Recently Ddeleted environments and rename the deleted environment to something else. In my case, Feb2023 was renamed Feb2023-OLD
  • After that, recreating the environment from Production works, since there is no longer an environment, deleted or active, named Feb2023.

About the new section Service Health

I think it is a good idea, since would have taken a lot of clicks and wait time for loading the service health under Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

It is great to see all these notifications but not all are related to Business Central, and since we are in the Business Central Admin Center, ideally we would see in this new section/frame only advisories related to Business Central.

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