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Boosting Business Central Performance: A Comprehensive Performance Profiler Guide!

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Whenever you have a process that takes longer use the Performance Profiler page in Business Central, sometimes also called the in-client Performance Profiler, to record a snapshot of the process.

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Invoking Performance Profiler

In BC, in the global search:

Use Alt + Q -> “Performance Profiler”

Also in BC, in the help menu, use “?” -> Help & Support -> Troubleshooting -> Analyze Performance

How to record performance

  1. On Performance Profiler page:

-> “Start”

2. In BC go to the page that experiences slowness, run the process …

3. Back to Performance Profiler page:

-> “Stop”

Analyze recorded performance

Active Apps – > apps that run during your recording

Time Spent -> time spent by each App

Call Tree -> what objects/functions have been executed during recording

Share Profiler Data

Once recording done, share the data collected:

  • download alcpuprofile file with your ERP partner by clicking on Download on Performance Profiler page.

Hope this helps!

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